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Peugeot e-2008 review

The previous generation of ‘00’ Peugeots seemed neither fish nor fowl, confused if they were supposed to be an MPV or SUV. The latest generations, thankfully, follow more conventional thinking, along with much improved styling. They are sharp-looking crossovers.

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Peugeot e-2008

The previous generation of ‘00’ Peugeots seemed neither fish nor fowl, confused if they were supposed to be an MPV or SUV.  The latest generations, thankfully, follow more conventional thinking, along with much improved styling.  They are sharp-looking crossovers.

Whilst the larger 3008 only offers part electrification, the smallest 2008 comes with full volt power for those wishing it.  Sitting on top of the E-CMP platform that underpins the rest of the group’s electric offerings from Peugeot, Vauxhall, Citroen and DS Automobiles, it is fitted with the same 136bhp single drive motor powering the front wheels only, and mated to a 50kWh battery offering a WLTP range of 217 miles.  The car brings a reasonably-sized family car to the group, offering more interior space than the DS 3 Crossback, and higher driving position than the two superminis.

The interesting design and quirks, so welcome in a French car, continue on the interior of the 2008.  Mirroring the dashboard design of the 208 hatchback, this small crossover presents its driver with a small, slightly oddly-shaped, leather wrapped steering wheel that means you have to adapt your normal driving position in order to view the fabulous (and optional depending on trim) 3D i-Cockpit instrument binnacle over the top of the helm. The split level dashboard offers a mixed bag in terms of design and usability.  The rubberised carbon texture of the GT Line car we had, along with the rest of the interior, certainly feels nice and well screwed together, as does the row of ‘Piano Keys’ lower ancillary buttons.  It’s just a shame that the rest of the minor controls don’t offer more positive feedback, and the 10” touchscreen demands a blend of confusing interaction with substandard information and reaction.  Still, on a positive note, the seats are comfortable, space is good and the equipment level is high, even on the Active Premium trim, the start of the e2008 range.

Out on the road, the car performs well with no truly disappointing characteristics, however nor any outstanding ones either.  And that is a reasonable summation of the e2008 as a whole.  It does everything well, but doesn’t really excel in any particular area.  Handling is good for the type of car it is, with a grippy front end and relatively communicative steering.  Given such a small diameter steering wheel, the initial thought is that it feels “darty”, but that isn’t a bad thing, it just takes a little getting used to.  Ride quality and bump absorption is also on the positive scale fulfilling the car’s criteria as a good family car.

And with that, the rest of the car follows with a big, usable boot space that can be expanded via a 60/40 split rear seat and under floor storage.  The optional opening panoramic glass roof allows lots of light into the car, giving the cabin an open airy feel, despite the darker trim of the GT Line test car.

And so that is how we sum the e2008 up.  As a family crossover that starts from £30,000 rising towards £37,000, the car makes better sense at the lower end of that scale given how average the car is.  And that shouldn’t be taken as a criticism, because for some, it will meet every piece of criteria that might be asked of it, and for those, that will be more than enough.


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Thankyou for the many excellent EV reviews throughout the year. Best EV channel on YouTube. As someone still waiting for my first EV to be delivered (Audi Q4 due end of March) it’s been fascinating seeing the evolution of EV’s during 2021. Thanks again - I’ll continue to subscribe and watch all the videos.

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