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Genesis X Concept

Instead of the ubiquitous crossover/SUV path, however, the concept showcases a luxury GT coupe that is, according to Genesis, an exercise in design.  It utilises the company’s ‘Two Lines’ philosophy that can clearly be seen in its headlights, rear lights and various other themes inside and out.  As is the current ‘on-trend’ fashion for sustainability, some interior materials are finished with upcycled materials, such as the seatbelts, steering wheel and airbag cover being made from off cuts of leather left over from the manufacturing process.

Unusually for an EV, the X features a large grille at the front, not only giving the car huge presence, but also improving airflow and therefore reducing resistance and extending the car’s range.

No details are available on the concept’s powertrain, or if there is any chance of the car seeing production, even in a more muted form.  However, given how the Koreans are now showing some truly innovative, and striking, design languages, partnered with EV powertrains that we know to be almost industry-leading, we wouldn’t mind betting that this is a show of intent of what the future holds for Genesis.  

Perhaps they do have an invisible touch after all.

Genesis X Concept AutoEV Interior Genesis X Concept AutoEV Front Genesis X Concept AutoEV Rear


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