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MG revises top selling ZS EV

It’s no secret that we are big fans of the MG ZS EV.  Despite being the complete opposite of what the traditional MG was (a small family SUV rather than 2-seater roadster) we always loved the unpretentious way it went about its business with staggering value for money.  The buying public obviously felt the same as they lapped them up in droves, helping MG Motors becoming the fastest-growing brand in the UK.

And now we have a fresh new look for the car, as well as a bigger battery option giving a much-needed range increase and new connectivity, addressing one of our biggest bugbears of the car, it’s poor infotainment system.

Styling-wise, the car gets a new front end with a stamped-effect grille (instead of the original car’s fake one) with the charging port now to the side of the famed octagon badge.  New LED headlamps, distinctive daytime running lights finish the front-end redesign, whilst a new rear bumper and alloy wheels complete the look.

Two new model designations are introduced too, the lead-in ‘SE’ and range-topping ‘Trophy’.  The new 72kWh Long Range battery will offer a range of up to 273 miles according to WLTP measurements, a substantial increase over the current cars 163 miles.  A 51 kWh battery option with a 198 mile range will join in 2022.

All models of the new ZS will come equipped with the new MG iSMART connectivity system, which will bring in smartphone connectivity to the car via an app that will be able to control some functions remotely, such as climate control, security, charging and some of the car’s functions remotely.  A new 10.1-inch tablet-style touchscreen with improved graphics and functionality is at the heart of the new system, along with new instrument cluster and wireless phone charging on eth ‘Trophy’ model.

Prices will be announced in November 2021, with deliveries starting from then.

Along with the practical, if a little plain, MG5 Estate, the brand continues to impress in the EV market with the ZS a consistent fixture in the UK’s top 10 best-selling EVs.  We look forward to bringing you a full test of the new ZS when it is available.



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