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EVs aren’t cool enough for you?


We can change your mind! Introducing the Honda e prototype a ‘retro-esque’ designed micro car with a playful core. The new city car is clearly aimed at the younger generation, filled to the brim with technology, in a smooth and clean package that doesn’t ooze with ugly plastic buttons, but instead is cladded with wooden decks on the centre console and dashboard.

Digital side mirrors make yet another appearance, along with hidden door handles and a wrap around digital screen on the inside. To many, this car may look like a prototype (which it is, as of current). However, Honda claim this car is 98% relative to the production version, which we are expecting to land on our shores in late 2019. AutoEV magazine managed to blag a 1 on 1 interview with Ken Sahara (exterior designer) and Akinori Myoui (interior designer) to discuss the plans for the Honda E Prototype and the ideas behind it!

Where will the Honda EV fit into the lineup?

“We have a 2030 vision, to make 66% of our production models electric, so the E prototype is a part of the vision. From a European point of view, by 2025 100% of our models will be electrified, so this will be our first electric car for the European market”, Ken replied.

Who is the Honda E prototype designed for?

“So the Honda E prototype is designed for the urbanite, and the early adopter type of user. As well as the kind of person who loves new technologies and is living in a big city with little space. On the branding paper there is a 60 year old guy *laughs*, however, of course we want to attract younger people!”, Ken replied.

When are we expecting the Honda e prototype to be put into production?

“In Europe we are aspiring to start selling the car in late 2019, so very soon!”

The design is very modern, yet with a retro design, are there any cars that have inspired this?

“The E prototype is designed off of the 1970 Honda Civic, a Honda icon. We were designing the Urban EV concept at the same time as the E Prototype, which turned out to be inspired by the E Prototype, even though it was unveiled before the E Prototype”, Ken replied.

What was your main aim when designing the interior?

“Our main aim was to make the interior as simplistic as possible, not just in the styling but the ease of use, so that anyone can use it. We also wanted to offer the highest levels of technologies but in the easiest way to use them. Hence the large screens with an approachable format. It is designed for everyone to use!”, Akinori replied.

The design of the E Prototype definitely is something to desire, it really does strike a resemblance to the original Honda Civic from 1972, which features a wonderfully simple and classic design!

It’s always nice to see a brand look back on it’s history and proudly show their heritage off in their new designs, especially a company like Honda!

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