Tesla Model 3: A Brief Blast around the Sussex Countryside!

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Tesla Model 3

In issue #1 of AutoEV we were very gratefully handed a Tesla Model S P100D by Tesla UK. To put our week of experience with the P100D simply, we were blown away by the Ludicrous mode, we loved the design, but one thing was lacking, and that was composition! The car just didn’t have a suspension set-up to rival the likes of it’s ICE competitors! This week, we were graced yet again by Tesla UK and were handed the keys to a Model 3 Performance. We spent a week using it for daily tasks, motorway runs, school runs, and runs down to the office.

But came the weekend, we decided to take the beast on a spurt down to the West Sussex countryside and put it to the test… We won’t talk much about our impressions of the car here, as an article on the Model 3 will be in issue #3 of the AutoEV magazine and we will have a road review of it on our YouTube channel soon! Here are some photos to show just how much enjoyment we got out of the little beast!

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Sussex

Tesla Model 3 Cornering

Tesla Model 3 Rear

Watch the AutoEV YouTube review below:

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