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Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric cars have forever been criticised for their lengthy charging times compared to refuelling a gas guzzling counterpart. However, the future is coming, and fast!

UK company GridServe plans on making electric vehicle charging as easy as using petrol stations. The company plans on investing £1 billion into a fleet of 100 “Electric Forecourts®” supplied by clean, low cost solar energy. The “Electric Forecourts®” will act as EV alternatives to the traditional service stations that everyone is familiar with on the UK’s roads. GridServe claim there will be spaces for private and fleet vehicles. During your 30 minute full recharge (by the use of 500kW chargers and multi-MW charging options for buses and heavy goods vehicles), driver’s will be able to take advantage of a range of facilities including a coffee shop, fresh food, and lounges with high-speed internet, which will also serve as an “EV education centre”.

forecourt of the future

This is a big step for the UK’s road to EV sustainability, with GridServe being the first government promoted in the UK’s Energy Investment Portfolio. Solar farms will feed energy for the “Electric Forecourts®” to keep the whole system as environmentally friendly as possible! York and Hull will be the first areas to benefit from the new scheme, with site’s arriving later this year. As of current, the company has 100 allocated spaces to build their network of high efficiency charging stations.

Phone App

An app will accompany, allowing customers to reserve charging slots, plan their journeys and pay for onsite services such as car washes. ChargePoint will help to provide the chargers for the scheme. The App will also play a central role in loyalty and referral schemes that will reward people with “Road Miles™” for using onsite services provided by GridServe and its partners.

Infrastructure for EV’s

As of current, the UK, like many companies really are pushing funding to infrastructure for EVs, but like many schemes, time is always the limiting factor.

Let’s hope schemes like the ones presented by GridServe take place sooner rather than later!

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