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VW has been teasing their ID range for a few years now, from the ID.CROZZ, ID.BUZZ, ID.VIZZION, ID.BUGGY and ID.ROOMZZ, but only the ID.3 has been available to order so far. However, the German auto manufacturers have released yet another concept, except this model is projected for sale in the near future. Their latest concept is called the ID. SPACE VIZZION, which is an estate. This is an amazing contrast to the trend of releasing SUVs and crossovers!

VW id concept

VW has done an amazing job at the styling of the ID range in my opinion. The styling is modern but mature, which is something that many manufacturers stumble upon when designing a concept. Not only is the styling attractive, it is highly functional. The front has etched away shapes instead of a grille, which is helped by the lack of a necessity for any cooling to an engine due to the nature of electric vehicles. The ID. SPACE VIZZION features large diamond-cut wheels which have an aero design to help keep the aerodynamic efficiency to a high, increasing the all-important range.

ID range

When you get inside the ID. SPACE VIZZION, you’re greeted by a largely simplistic interior which feels airy, helping to add an extra depth to the size of the car, which is said to be as large as an equivalent SUV. The interior is also very sustainable, with a new material called AppleSkin™ debuting inside the ID. SPACE VIZZION, an artificial leather containing an amount of residual material from apple juice production (similar to that inside the Bentley EXP100GT). In addition, no chrome is used in the interior of the ID. SPACE VIZZON it is replaced by a chrome-like paint finish. A mini display containing only basic driving information helps to aid the driving experience and provide the driver with only the essentials, while all entertainment, comfort and online functions, as well as vehicle settings, are grouped together on a 15.6-inch touchscreen which appears to hover in mid-air as it is suspended off of the dashboard!

VW ID range

One striking feature is the front section with airflow openings, which enables a drag coefficient of 0.24. Airflow apertures have been integrated into the front end allowing air to flow through the grille between the headlights and is transported across the bonnet to reduce drag. The ID. SPACE VIZZION is based on the modular electric drive matrix of which the VW.ID3 and the new Cupra Tavascan is also based upon. An 82 kWh battery allows distances of up to 300 miles, which is a very competitive range for a mid-size car. With a system output of up to 250 kW through all 4 wheels, the ID. SPACE VIZZION can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 5 seconds which is impressive for an estate car that is meant to haul your family and the dogs!


ID range estate

The ID. SPACE VIZZION provides what is described as a concrete outlook to the series-production version which will be presented at the end of 2021, and launched in different variations in Europe, North America and China. The VW ID. SPACE VIZZION is the first serious look at an electric estate car, and VW seems to have done it right!


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